Our Knitters

Women in the Philippines, knitting with reflective yarn for On the GloOn The Glo is not just extraordinary knitwear. It’s manifacturing is extraordinary, too! Each of our items is hand-knitted in the rural Philippines, by a group of equally extraordinary women, belonging to a traditional community of farmers.

Rice terraces in BatagThey live in Ifugao, a land famous for its millennia-old rice paddies, recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. To till their black and purple rice paddies according to tradition, the farmers in the Ifugao area stick to ancient methods, without pesticides, following the seasons and using plants as natural fertilizers. Their one or two crops a year produce prized organic rice, but not enough to feed their families for twelve months, and it is hard to provide for the ever-more-expensive life necessities, like medicines or education.

The alternatives are depriving their families of the essentials or forced emigration. This means abandoning their paddies, which, neglected, often get washed away after hundreds of year and get reclaimed permanently by nature.

To stay where they belong, these incredible women have picked up another millennia old tradition: knitting. When the rice paddies don’t demand their attention, knitting provide the extra income they need to stay on their land, send their children to school and buy enough food to feed their families. Thanks to On the Glo, the communitiy in Ifugao can have a future.

Now, this is a tighly-knit community (pun intended)!

Women in Ifugao, Philippines, wearing reflective knitwear by On the Glo