About Us

Once Upon a Time…

Knitting, cycling, fixing people’s bikes and hoping to improve the planet along the way if possible: all things we love. At times one’s loves are as they are: separately great. But at other times, we are given the rare opportunity to merge things, and that is when weird and wonderful hybrids are born…

After a few years of repairing people’s bikes (our founder is  one of the mechanics at the Hackney Bike Workshop), something was born to unite those loves together: reflective knitwear. The idea came about in winter 2013: after completing a bike mechanic qualification course, some lime yarn encouraged some serious creativity…

On The Glo yarn strands close-up

Our yarn

At the workshop, I too often see cyclists wearing all black or dark jackets…  and hardly ever a reflective vest. Another thing stuck: the average cyclist deosn’t wear the technical sportswear shops like to sell. Their attire is much more casual, as cycling is a functional, to get to work, to go home, to reach your friends for a night out. Big scarves, hats and gloves during the winter, regular t-shirts during the summer. Any chance to make these cyclist more visible on the road?

A Sliver of Light Cuting Through the Darkness

Reflective knitwear seems an obvious improvement to our regular winter cover-ups, and not only for cyclists. In Estonia, it’s compulsory for everyone to use a reflector hanging from their clothes during their dark winters. Estonian pavements are covered with snow for months on end, forcing pedestrians to share the road with cars, so compulsory reflectors are a good safety measure to make people more visible.  But winter darkness is everywhere: could runners, skaters, pedestrians, dog walkers and even dogs be made more visible on our streets?

A huge number of yarn and road tests later, the answer is a loud “Yes!” But who would knit the yarn? And is there a way to do it ethically? Stumbling upon the amazing Ricefield Collective was a true moment of enlightenment: Ricefield is a small program run in the Philippines by a group of women in need of extra income. Their cooperative was born thanks to you, the Kickstarter community, via their over-funded 2013 project. Here are our knitters!

All the colours of On The Glo yarn: pink, orange, yellow, white, grey, black, red, burgundy, purple, navy, baby blue, mint, forest green

Where do I find On The Glo products?

We are going to launch a KickStarter campaign to get On The Glo started. You will be able to pledge for all our products, plus a few extra goodies only available via KickStarter, to watch out for the campaign, which will start in mid October, in time for the first batch to be delivered before Christmas!

Follow us on our social media for updates before, during and after the campaign. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinsterest and Instagram: come and say hi! Or you can use our Contact page. We would love to hear from you 🙂