Anatomy of a #HappyPackage

Have you ever thought that there are happy and not-so-happy packages? There are those which disappoint… and those who make the receivers just very happy, euphoric and amazed!

When we at ‪‎OnTheGlo‬ prepare a package, it’s a triumph of ‪‎happiness‬: the soft, hand-knitted snoods and beanies are just so wonderful to handle, and the thought of the utter surprise the recipient will feel is just so exciting! It does not matter if you are buying for yourself or for others: the moment you take a flash selfie, you will be surprised, shocked, utterly happy!

This is our Anatomy of a #HappyPackage.

Isn’t this yellow custom order just ‪#‎everything‬??? This acid citron hue is perfect to give zing to a ‪#‎ColdWinterDay‬ while keeping you totally safe and oh-so-visible at night: ‪#‎besafebeseen‬! And the mint below is just as perfect!

WinterZingShipmentHave you received a #OnTheGlo #HappyPackage? Do tag us in your photos: we would love to see them!

Not yet? It’s easy to get your own #HappyPackage: order on ‪Etsy‬ … you can also enquire for custom orders!


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