Happy Valentine’s Day!

The web may be already awash with #ValentinesIsFinallyOver tags, but we think this holiday has been misunderstood… and wishing #‎HappyValentinesDay‬ to everyone actually makes sense!!


Step away for a minute from the pinks and reds shouting from supermarket isles from cheap boxes of banal chocolate… This holiday is about love… and  it actually doesn’t matter if you are single or shacked up: the important thing is to feel the love, towards ourselves, our cities, our planet.

So today (and why not, this week too!) be kind to yourself and to your environment: cycle, walk around, take in the mellow winter day. Treat and pamper yourself a little: a relaxing bath, a hand-scrub, some yummy grub…  and if you are one of the lucky winners of our giveaway or one of our customers, indulge in a winter night cycle, walk, run: you will be feeling so much more accomplished afterwards, while remaining totally safe!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 13.03.36

We love how in some countries Valentine’s Day is not just for couple: the love for your friends and family is equally worth of cards and presents! And we really think this is how it should be! Cue in this wonderful card we received from a friend and backer from Canada: just so perfect!

So, whatever you are doing this Valentine and whoever you are celebrating with, may it be a glowing occasion! If you are wearing our reflective knitwear, it will for sure be!


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