Thank you: honourable mentions

Tomorrow, those who backed us without rewards are getting a digital postcard as a way to say Thank You! One is a special honourable mention, as it is a great project all New Yorkers should know about: have you heard of WOOLN?

WOOLN brings together New York grandmothers with people who want to know where their dream knits come from and who made them, and they only use socially responsible yarn. Isn’t that awesome!?!?! It’s amazing to discover like-minded projects and it gives us a lot of hope for the future!
Massive thanks to WOOLN for supporting us and for the amazing work they do to support the aged in New York City!


The other honourable mentions go to wonderful individuals who have supported us in our fundraising campaign without asking for anything in return: you know who you are, so here you are mostly mentioned by first name. We would have not made it without you, so thank you so, so much to:

  • Kat Kruse
  • Dan
  • Ali
  • Mihai
  • StartUp Love

You are all such glowing stars!


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