The pompom special!

You know when you think a Twitter tag should get more love? Ours is #pompomporn. There are a few tweets with this hashtag, but we think the world can do with more!

In this utterly gratuitous post, we would like to share our undying love for pompoms, the most huggable, adorable, covetable of all yarn products!!!

This box of pompoms is just so joyful, playful and addictive!

If you have been following our Kickstarter progress, you will know that all our beanies have an option of mix-and-match pompoms so we have been busy creating new pompoms we did not envision were needed and let me tell you, we got better at pompom haircuts!


Baby blue tiny pompoms, huge yellow pompoms, soft pink pompoms… we love them all! Don’t they all look so tactile, desireable, amazing?


Ok, we admit we have the pompom bug! Even just looking at the photos make us happy!

This is why:

  • we would baptise our cat, dog, ferret, penguin and, of course, hedgehog PomPom
  • we would also call our cafe’ PomPom: don’t you think The PomPom Cafe’ has a wonderful ring to it?
  • our cafe’ would be a pompom cafe’: you would get lots of pompoms to pet while you sip your hot chocolate!
  • we are considering starting The Pompom Adoption Society. We think that pompoms would bring great joy in any household and you would be rewarded by giving the best home to a pompom!
Pompoms for adoption: aren’t they adorable?
  • we think that pompoms should be named, just like teddies and pets. Below you can see Tiny Ocean, Mint Milk, Charlie, Yarny, etc…
  • we call pompoms pompies for short.
  • if we had a boat, it would be called Pompom too. And vey likely, it would be filled with pompoms…
  • also, do you know those ball-filled playgrounds? The adult version should be filled with pompoms. In fact we want one in our house now! (yes, you can come and visit and we will let you play)
  • pompoms are also called bobbles (England), toories (Scotland) and even floggers (Australia, although these are cheerleading pompoms): who knew?
  • pompom jacket? Yep. Plan for 2016.
  • put two pompoms on your beanie and you are a bear! What could be better than that?
  • pompoms make for great baubles, even more so with reflective thread! Guess what we are putting on our Christmas tree this year???


Ok, we will leave it here for now. In case that by stopping early we can avoid you thinking that we got some yarn-induced madness!

If you feel like adopting a pompom, you can head to our Etsy shop:

But yes… #pompomforever + #pompomporn!


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