Travelchoice in Peterborough is having a giveaway of OnTheGlo products this coming Saturday!

Travelchoice, Peterborough City Council’s Sustainable Travel Team promotes sustainable transport in Peterborough and for that, they already have our praise and appreciation.

But they are also hosting a free screening of Elf in their indoor cycle cinema! Did they say indoor cycle cinema? Yes they did! How cool is that???

And there is more: at the event, they are also doing massive giveaway!!! And there are lots of OnTheGlo Project products available for the lucky winners!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 22.10.45

We are so, so chuffed that a public body believe that reflective knitwear is a good idea, it is a massive seal of approval for our project! And we are genuinely excited about the thought of random people winning a magical reflective hat: it will definitely be a moment they will remember! So exciting!

So yes, if you are in Peterborough on Friday, the film is on at 5:30pm, at Jack Hunt School: don’t miss it!



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