We are shipping! Like pros, if we can say so ourselves!

Hello all!

Guess what? We are shipping! And it is a moment of pride for us: we are so happy we are able to meet you expectations and get reflective goodies to you in time to feature under your Christmas tree!


If you are familiar with Kickstarter, you will know that many (most?) creators run behind with their deliveries. At times you have to wait for more than a year to get your amazing design/craft/fashion/techonology reward!!!

We know that many OnTheGlo goodies were bought as presents and who wants to be responsible for making Santa look bad, behind or forgetful? Definitely not us! So we are working super hard to get everything shipped within the timeframe highlighted in our Kickstarter project.

In fact, if you follow us on Facebook  or Twitter you will know that we have been busy picking pompoms and hats, putting them in colourful envelopes, cross-checking addresses, printing labels and taking everything to the post office!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 14.34.21

We are very proud to say that in fact, 99 rewards have been posted already as of today, out of 160ish! Many of you already have in your hands (or on your head) your reflective beanies, snoods, ear bands and pompoms…or Christmas baubles, as one backer suggested! We do think they would look great on a Christmas tree! And many others are one their way as we type!

In order to get it all done, we updgraded our shipping process. First, we got colourful envelopes in three sizes, because a-colour is always good and b- best to avoid wasting plastic, right? Then, in a fit of enthusiasm, we took the first few packages to the post office, filled out address envelopes by hand and queued for ages to get to a free machine or till. Now, we do everything from the Royal Mail website at home and then drop it off at the post office. Much more convenient and faster! This has allowed to ship out a big number of rewards per day and we plan on carrying on like this until we are totally done. And that end is in sight!
So, if you reward has a delivery date in December 2015, sit tight and check that mail-box of yours. If it is not there yet, your envelope (or box, for those who pledges for quite a few things) will be with you shortly!

Got your reflective goodies already? Please do share with us! Not only we would be delighted to see your photos, but the other backers who are still waiting for their rewards would do too!

P.S.1 you can still buy reflective goodies on our Etsy shop! We are starting to be sold out in some colours but get in touch via Etsy and we can check for you what we have left!

P.S.2 Stay tuned for a photo tips special, a pom-pom special and a care and washing instruction special! As you can tell, lots of info ahead!


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