Time to give thanks to fellow projects: long live the Kickstarter community!

Crowd funding can be a very lonely dimension: you just feel there is no one you can turn to, as other people’s lives are not dictated by markers like the funding days getting less and less and the amount of funds collected growing at an unsteady pace.

Hence, we are very grateful these other awesome projects were there, to compare notes, get strenght and inspiration from and cheer us on. All of these projects pledged towards OnTheGlo: what more could we ask for? So it is time to give them a massive thank, a round of applause and a big encourangement for the end of their funding period. Good luck guys, we are with you!

Assassin Fit

The guys of AssassinFit are on Kickstarter making sportswear for the most dedicated sportmen and women! Check them out at http://kck.st/1T9MBiD

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.14.44

Storytelling Box

Mark over at Thinkbx is currently on Kickstarter with his clever boxes. Mark is also a yarn man: read the amazing story he shared with us on our Facebook page. This is what the best Kickstarter connections are all about!

Find Mark’s boxes here: they should be on everyone’s Christmas gift guide http://kck.st/1OmY5jm

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 00.13.00

Progress Planner

Helena and husband have just reached funding on another project and here they are out with another one! This design power couple have got it all sorted: they are such an inspiration. Introducing the very awesome Progress Planner: http://kck.st/1Tr2UZb
Simplify Life sounds an awesome mantra for 2016!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 13.58.27


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