All backers’ reports for 2015 delivery are out: fill yours in soon!

We are trying to establish exactly when the quiet before the storm is upon us… and the only real conclusion here is that possibly there is no quiet at all!

The funding period has ended on a high but no rest allowed: backers report need to be organised or re-organised and sent out!

Luminaire snood stack with reflective thread showing

We have just finished sending them out to you, all 33 of them! (if you have pledged for rewards due to ship in 2016, give us a little more time!)

It is crucial you fill your survey in quickly as we need to collect your data and process it in order to ship out your rewards in time for Christmas! We are very committed to this: we know that most Kickstarter projects take their time, but we care to fulfill every promise made. We owe you to you!

So fill in and send back: your rewards will be on their way to you in no time!


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