Stretch goal reached!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 23.40.15

We reached our stretch goal of 160% funding or £4000! That’s wonderful: thank you very much to all our amazing 140+ backers!

To remind you, our stretch goal is mix-and-match pom-poms on all our beanies: get ready to pick your colours!

It is unbelieavable how far you have brought us since we started this project on OCtober 23rd, not even a month ago.

We are so pleased to have reached our funding goal and to be able to send off most rewards (all of those with delivery set for December 2015) in time for Christmas!

Many other projects would be celebrating at this stage, but we are postponing until we have sent everything out to you. Then, we will be uncorking the bubbly! We are fully committed to making you, the backers, happy: we owe to you the success of this project and that means we owe you a lot!

Much love to all our backers!


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