Stretch goal announcement!

What do you mean you don’t follow us on Facebook and Twitter???

Well, I guess it is our fault! We announced stretch goals on our Kickstater project page and on our social media, but not yet here! Sorry guys: allow us to sort it out and speak about it here!

As you have seen, we managed to reach our initial target of £2500 and we are now above £3000 with still more than two weeks to spare! Thank you SO MUCH to all our backers: you are amazing! You did it! We are over goal and all OnTheGlo rewards scheduled to ship before Christmas will be under your tree in time for the holidays!!!

While we are delighted of the results, we would really like to push ourselves further with this project, as we want to help our knitters as much as possible. Hence, please help us spread the word! With your help we can truly make a difference to a lovely community, dedicated to its land and its tradition. Do tell your friends of our Kickstarter project and please share the link to it on social media (plain, old email will also do!): we will love you even more for it!

In the hope to gain more support, it is time to… drum roll… talk about stretch goals: on your request, we have decided that our first stretch goal will be mix-and-match pom-poms. This means that if you have ordered a Lumenz, a NightCap or an IlluminHat, you can choose which colour your pom-pom will be! Remember that our pom-poms are detachable, which means that you can select a different colour to put on another beanie, to attach to a backpack, to gift to a significant other! If you do want to wear your beanie with a pom-pom, you may want to mix and match the colours: we think that navy is great with both burgundy and mint, whereas red is lovely with grey. Black is perfect with them all! If you do not want to wear your beanie with a pom-pom, you can select a colour for yourself and give your best friend a pom-pom for Christmas!

See some examples below!

Pom-pom mix and match
Who ever said “red and green should never be seen” was very close-minded!

As the mix and match will add a considerable amount of time to our already tight delivery schedule, we are setting our first stretch goal for mix-and-match pom-poms at £4000, when we reach 160% of our goal. We are currently over 120% so… not far!


Thank you so much for making it happen, everyone! We are so lucky to have your support: crowd-funding can be a very lonely dimension and your approval of our work kept us going and was a great rewards for the months of hard work that came prior to launch. Being able to ship your rewards (those scheduled for 2015 at least) in time for the holidays and know that you will be glowing for Christmas feels just great.


The On The Glo team

Pss…. Insider information: the next stretch goal may be… two new fabulous colours!


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