We were featured in Eco-chick!

So many updates today! The first is that the fabulous women at Eco Chick decided to feature another women-strong eco project: ours! Eco Chick has all our respect because their drive is so in tune with ours! This is what they write on their About Us page: “our main intention is to inspire readers toward a healthier, more sustainable life. We come from the Earth, and we all return to it. Let’s make our time here as rewarding and amazing as it can be, without using all our grandchildren’s clean water and topsoil in the process. Being an Eco Chick means doing what you can, in your life, to keep all life on Earth healthy and green. With smarter choices, innovations, community action and plenty of love, we can figure it out, do the right thing and have a great time too”. Ditto!

They wrote a fantastic feature about us, chock full of superlatives! You can find it here, under the Fair Fashion category: http://eco-chick.com/2015/10/34122/knitwear-that-glows-for-winter-bike-safety-and-fabulousness/

Here are the bits we like the most:

Knitwear That Glows for Winter Bike Safety (and Fabulousness!)

Knitwear is about to make its way back in stores: much can be said about brands delivering a green message together with their rows of knit and purl, but this year there is a technical innovation at the horizon. Plot Twist! Refletive thread added to colourful chunky knits makes them glow. Genius for cyclists, pedestrians, and others who like being out and about when it’s dark!

They also posted on their Facebook page go give them some love there too: https://www.facebook.com/EcoChickie/

And their tweet to advertise the article was just the best:

TOTAL GENIUS Knitwear w/ #vegan reflective yarn for #cyclists, pedestrians! @OnTheGloProject

Do follow them here: https://twitter.com/Ecochickie


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