We reached our Kickstarter funding goal!

We reached our funding goal on Kickstarter! You did it!!! And all your rewards will be shipped out in time for Christmas! Amazing!

100% funding reached

We stayed up late last night, monitoring the figures and having our fingers very crossed, in the hope that the balance would tilt as we were lacking a meager 3%. But alas, did not happen and we went to sleep…

It was wonderful to wake up this morning to find our that we reached 100% overnight and that we were already at 105%! Hurray!!!

OnTheGlo has reached its first funding goal: time to think about stretch goals and get ready to ship everything as soon as Kickstarter allows it!

We are so excited and thrilled to have gone this far so quickly: thank you EVERYONE for your pledges and support so far, we would have not made it without you!

A massive THANK YOU to you all!

P.S. as you can see from the Kickstarter page (linked on the right column, but you can use this link, if you like), even if we have reached goal, we have a lot more stock! Everything we have in stock is ready to ship for Christmas, so keep on spreading the word and get more reflective goodies under Christmas trees worldwide! We would love to ship out everything we have and start taking orders for more stuff: we would really love to commission to our Filipino knitters as much work as we can!




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