There is a spotlight about us on Trend Hunter!

OnTheGlo has arrived within the radar of Trend Hunter and they have featured us today in an article on their website, within the Tech section! We are so very pleased because they are second to none in spotting the coolest, newest, most innovatibe things the world can provide!

You can find their article here:

These are the bits we liked the most:

During the day, these ‘On The Glo’ knitwear accessories appear as regular everyday articles of clothing. Where these warm pieces of woolen winter wear really separate themselves from the pack is revealed when they’re worn at night. Interwoven strands of reflective thread are mixed into the wool and glow when struck with light. This innovative design makes these clothing items discreet during the day, but dazzling and eye-catching at night.

What we love the most, however, is what they have written about us at the bottom:

Trending: Very New & Very Hot

Good to know they think this of us!!!

They have millions of followers on Facebook and a huge crowd on Twitter: it could be a huge break for us, so thank you very much Trend Hunter for featuring us!


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