Only 9% left to reach our funding goal!

After only a couple of days of campaigning on Kickstarter, we are in the lucky position of having collected 91% of the pledges we need to reach our goal!

90% of funds are in with Kickstarter

This is an amazing result: thank you EVERYONE for your pledges! The moment we hit 100% means this becomes a reality and not anymore a plan. We will be shipping out to the backers all the reflective products and goodies you have pledged for!

Reaching our target does not mean we are running out of stock, however: in fact we still have a lot of stuff ready to ship in time for the holidays! You can order it all via the same Kickstarter page!

The more orders we receive, the more work we can commission to our Filipino knitters, as they are crucial to our project. Hence please help us in spreading the word! Retweet us and share on Facebook, and let’s make this coming Christmas a more glowing time for all!


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