We have been reviewed by Discerning Cyclist!

The amazing folks over at Discerning Cyclist have reviewed one of our beanies… and they really liked it! This is a great accolate for us, since Discerning Cyclist has been hand-picking the best in cycling accessories for a while now: despite their blog is ‘only’ three years old, they have gathered a really impressive following, so we are so very chuffed we made a good impression on them, as they are the toughest judges of what is cycling yay or cycling nay! Pete even wrote:

 I must say I’m a fan.

Hurray! They review, titled “Can a Woolly Hat Really Save Your Life?” is full of great compliments (thank you Pete!!). These are the bits we like the best!

They’ve turned a woolly hat in to a reflective hat when you shine a bright light onto it. A wonderfully simple idea, which is executed charmingly. By day a regular hat, by night a master of visibility.

This makes the On The Glo hat extra useful for cycling at night, with cars having their headlights reflected back at them, while looking completely normal to passers-by from other directions.

Go and read the rest and the many other amazing posts over on the Discerning Cyclist website.


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