We were featured in Momentum Mag!

Read a feature Momentum Mag published today about us: too cool! Here is the link: https://momentummag.com/glo-produces-ethically-reflective-…/

Momentum Mag headline for On The Glo feature

For those who are new to it, Momentum Mag is an urban “cycling lifestyle” (yes, there is such a thing, there is no missing ‘and’ in the middle!) magazine, chock full of bike and gear reviews, urban cycling tips, bike fashion, cycling news, and more. It hails from the Canadian capital of cool, Vancouver, and it is just so very flattering for us that a publication we have so much respect for has decided to feature us! Thank you very much guys!

These are a few of our favourite quotes:

Winter is coming. While the cold and grey aren’t ideal for your biking commutes or Sunday leisure rides, one great thing to look forward to is bundling up in soft woolly scarves and hats. Your knit beanie, while warm and cozy, generally won’t do much to keep you visible on dark winter nights. But that’s where On The Glo comes in. […]

But our favourite has got to be this one:

So why did we call it a project rather than a brand? On the Glo has an important social element behind its development.

So simple, and yet this is causing us to shed a tear, because behind this project there is a lot of sweat and blood, which we are happy to loose because we want to benefit a greater cause. If we wanted to make a quick buck out of a great idea, we would have got everything made by a machine in China. Instead, we decided to climb the mountain with our bike and seek out the best solution, to make an impact, to change a life. And we are so very happy we did.

Thanks to all the lovely folks at Momentum Mag: please do show them some love on FB here https://www.facebook.com/momentummag


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