Our first product review is in, from Michelle AKA Mummy From The Heart!

We are so chuffed that Michelle agreed to review us on her massively popular blog Mummy From the Heart! Her review was published on her blog today and you can read what her two fabulous twins thought about her reflective beanie: we are happy to report it was a big hit with the girls, although it sparked some controversy over who got to wear it!

Michelle reflective beanie collageWe are incredibly happy that Michelle agree to review us: she is a giant in the world of parenting bloggers and she also shares our beliefs that we need to improve the world rather than exclusively think about ourselves, so there really could not be a better ambassador for our product and message than Michelle, her daughters and the rest of her family!

You can read Michelle’s review here. Here are a few quotes and then photos of the twins: aren’t they just super mega adorable?!

I absolutely love social enterprises and there doesn’t seem to be enough of them in the UK. (…) We received one kids pink beanie (with white detachable bobble) to review and my girls have been arguing ever since. I can’t wait for their Kickstarter campaign to launch on 23rd October as then I can pledge for another one and sort the arguments out!(…) I hope you like the reflective beanie as much as I do. I think the pictures speak for themselves and show how well the reflective yarn works.

And a collage of Michelle’s lovely twin daughters having fun in the dark!

We are almost there guys: on the 23rd we launch on KickStarter and you will be able to get a reflective beanie for yourself, in time for the holidays!


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