30% of support needed on Thunderclap.it is in! Thank you guys!!! Keep it coming!

30 of you were such magnificent souls that clapped for us online on Thunderclap.it! Thank you so much!!!

We still need 70 claps, though, so please follow the link and show your support! It’s free, easy, safe!

If we collect at least 100 signatures, the site will create one single, automated, timed message  for you (which you can personalise however you want), to let your network know you backed us and that we are launching! This increase the reach of our message and our exposure, to the cost of one social media message to you.

Please do sign! Here is the link: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/32022-help-us-to-get-you-glowing?locale=en

And if you can, spread the word! Your donation of one social media post will make a huge difference to us and to the wonderful women in the Philippines we are working with!!

Thanks ahead!


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