The long road to production

After discovering that knitting with reflective yarn was possible and making a couple of items, we were enthusiastic of the results and shared our excitement with friends. They were all immediately taken by the idea and we ended up getting endless requests: “wow, can you make me one?” became a too common refrain.

After making cowls and beanies for Danilo, James, my childhoof friend Laura, my aunt and so many others, it became clear there was way more demand than a pair of hands could meet. Time to think on a larger scale…

Navy yarn glowingTest grey beanieTest denime beanieA friend wearing a gifted beanie

Red beanie made with reflective yarnIMG_20150108_125506983IMG_20150129_120002915

Excellent, but also scary! How to go about this? I am convinced that knitting is a craft, something which has more value and meaning if it comes from the judgement and labour of a real person. It seems pretty obvious, but it becomes even more so if you think of phenomena like yarn bombing. Ingenuity, dedication and passion really add value to the meaning and final product.

It was the opportunity to make an ethical choice. An opportunity which we did not let slip by…

Grey reflective cowl knitted for a friend


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