How the story started…

… it was a dark winter evening…

No seriously, it was. But that is where the fairy tale ends because it was a rather banal day, made brighter by a visit to John Lewis on Oxford Street. No idea what was needed, but the haberdashery department is a regular pit-stop. And there, hidden amongst piles and piles of skeins and balls, there it was: the most glorious lime yellow thick yarn.

That must have ben a monday, because the following night it was time for the Hackeny Bike Workshop: fix a brake, change a cable, time to ride home. How dark the winter streets can be… on a bike you often feel insivible. And keeping yourself alive seems only down to your reflexes. Scary…

Back home, the bright ball is waiting. And On The Glo first reflective knitwear piece is born! Here it is, in all its lime glory!

On The Glo yellow snood


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