Welcome to On The Glo

On the Glo is ground-breaking reflective knitwear, designed to make you visible by vehicles , while keeping you snug and warm. Reflective knitwear seems an obvious improvement to our regular winter cover-ups for cyclists, pedestrians, children, dog walkers, runners, skaters and everyone else who may face traffic after 7pm, whether in busy cities or deserted country lanes.

On The Glo purple beanie glowing in the dark

On The Glo purple beanie under streetlights

Our aim is to provide a complement or an alternative to ‘day-glow’ visibility wear, since we know that many people (including some of us at On The Glo) are not a fan of the neon yellow or orange jackets and synthetic materials of vest and jackets.

Want to see how it works? Let’s have a look at these “before and after” photos.

Halo - reflective ear-band from On The Glo


What makes On The Glo glow

The On The Glo range doesn’t glow in the dark: it reflects light, instead, making your beanie look stylishly ordinary unless it is hit directly by a light source.

The thread is retroreflective, which means that the eye must be positioned at the same angle of incidence of the light source for the thread to “light up”. This means that you do not look like a Christmas tree and can go totally incognito, until a car driver illumite you with their headlights: clever, eh?? Retro-refectivity is the same technology used in all reflective garments: we just chopped it very fine to knit with it!

Luminaire - reflective snood from On The Glo

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